About Hypnosis

About Hypnosis

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About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. We all go in and out of trance often. If you have ever been watching a TV programme, zoned out and lost track of the plot, then you were in a trance. If you do repetitive tasks, like ironing or washing up for example, you may  let your mind wander and experience a light trance state. Daydreaming is a form of trance – and it’s in that daydream state that we often get our best ideas and make breakthroughs in our understanding.

Hypnotherapists work with clients using this trance state to access their unconscious mind and to bypass the conscious mind.   The unconscious mind is much cleverer and more powerful than the conscious mind. It is where our emotions, memories, attitudes and creativity lie. Rather than in the conscious mind, the unconscious is where our behaviour is forged, where we make our big decisions.

By working in trance, clients can be helped by their hypnotherapist to change their mind. They can be helped to think more positively, to come to terms with old hurts, to build self-esteem and improve their sense of well-being.

Hypnotic trance is deeply relaxing and so is a significant aid to managing stress and relieving people of the symptoms of stress.

Hypnosis helps people to help themselves with: weight management, stopping smoking, losings fears, hang-ups, anxieties and phobias, improving relationships at home and at work, easier childbirth, pain management and issues that cannot be sorted logically by the conscious mind, but require the creative power of the unconscious mind to resolve.

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