UKGHP Unconvention 2018

The theme of our Unconvention is SHIFT!
Swarthmoor Hall Inspires Fruitful Trance-formation!

The agenda has a focus on personal change – on ‘Shifting’. Change can mean upheaval, involve a turn-around in life, or perhaps a nudge can be enough. Small shifts can have profound results, as they serve to realign us in more beneficial directions. Rather than presenters, we will invite guests to be ‘guides’ through experiential sessions, their focus being to show us ways to shift our thinking, our beliefs, our behaviour or our practice in various ways.

With eight months to go, the agenda is still embryonic. This is what we plan:
Inspiration: the first session will be run by a Quaker who will lead us in a meditative process that is at the core of their practice: ‘Experiment with Light’. It was this focus on ‘light’ that filled Quakers with inner ‘fire’ and inspired the movement to break from Christian tradition, back in the 17th Century.
Friday afternoon will include a session on uncovering limiting beliefs and culminate in a fire ceremony where any beliefs that we wish to let go will be consumed by flames.
Enjoying ourselves is key, so we will also break for Swarthmoor Hall’s delicious afternoon tea (included in the delegate fee)
On Saturday there will be an early morning walk to the Bronze age stone circle on Birkrigg common to celebrate the new dawn and new beginnings.
The day will include sessions of creative hypnosis and active trance exercises to develop a personal and world creative vision.
As manifesting abundance is an issue for many practitioners, one session will be dedicated to improving our relationship to money and material things.
Saturday night we have scheduled a catered dinner at Swarthmoor Hall, (included in the price).
Sunday will be a day of SHIFT consolidation and delegates will receive a certificate for their completion of 20 hours of SHIFTwork.
We continue to work on developing an exciting agenda, so do get in touch if you wish to run a session that will support the SHIFT we aim for. Also please send any recommendations and requests.

Event Details

Event Date 4-5-2018
Event End Date 6-5-2018
Capacity Unlimited
Cut off date 3-5-2018
Individual Price £145.00 - £160.000
Swarthmoor Hall
Swarthmoor Hall Ln, Ulverston LA12, UK
Swarthmoor Hall
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