UKGHP Unconvention 2018

This is YOU Time.

All welcome - and all who come will learn how to enjoy hypnotic trance.

UKGHP Unconvention - a trance-forming experience

at Swarthmoor Hall, May 4-6.

Our venue, Swarthmoor Hall is the birthplace of the Quaker movement. It lies in beautiful grounds just outside the town of Ulverston in the South Lakes, Cumbria. We will take full advantage of the historic venue and beautiful landscape surrounding it.  

Swarthmoor HallThe theme of our Unconvention is SHIFT!
Swarthmoor Hall Inspires Fruitful Trance-formation!

‘Shifting’ is about personal change and growth. It can mean upheaval, involve a turn-around in life, but not always -  perhaps a nudge can be enough. Small shifts can have profound results, as they serve to realign us in more beneficial directions. 

All are welcome, whether you are a hypnosis practitioner or not - and all who come will learn how to enjoy hypnotic trance. If you have never been in hypnotic trance, this is your chance to spend a relaxing time learning how to access your unconscious wisdom though trance. 

This weekend's focus on personal growth is for everyone. Most hypnosis practitioners spend their time working to help other people. This is a weekend for people to focus on themselves, whoever they are and whatever their specialism. 
All are welcome, and all who come will be shown how to enjoy the benefits of hypnosis for themselves. 
Rather than presenters, several guides will show us ways to SHIFT, through experiential sessions, to shift our thinking, our beliefs, our behaviour - how to grow and change for the better.

Jane pearsonInspiration: After gathering in the Conference Centre from 1pm with some introductory activity to get to know each other a little, our first session will be led by Jane Pearson, manager of Swarthmoor Hall since 2011 and a Quaker since 1986. Her interests are in early Quaker spirituality, mysticism and ministry. She will lead us in a meditative process that is at the core of their practice: ‘Experiment with Light’. It was this focus on ‘light’ that filled Quakers with inner ‘fire’ and inspired the movement to break from the Christian tradition, back in the 17th Century. 

sandra ONelillMaker of Natural Essences, Sandra O'Neill will give Transformational Essence Training over the three days. Though Sandra has been a practising herbalist, plant grower/ collector and natural essence maker for many years, this is the first time for her to give this teaching.  Over a series of sessions, she will share Natural Essences selected for the purpose of transformation of one sort or another. Attendees will have the exciting task of recording the impact of each Essence within them. 
Stephen George rae  Stephen George Rae is a multi-disciplinary artist - poet, performance artist, filmmaker, contemporary abstract painter, social and climate activist. In 2016, he was awarded Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). Throughout the weekend, Stephen will choreograph intuition exercises and bring his creative perspective to the experiences.

Hilary Gaines
Hilary Grieve is all about relaxation, hence her Chill with Hil branding. Her Yoga Nidra sessions are accompanied by a sound bath from a dozen singing bowls and large gongs. Hilary describes her practice: 
"Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep and is accessible for all. It promotes healing and deep relaxation. 
It can be a transformative practice by accessing creativity and intuitive wisdom."
Bring your relaxed gear with you, plus blanket and a yoga mat too if you have one. (Hilary brings quite a few with her, but the more we have, the better.) 
Lisa Morgan Chair of UKGHP, Lisa Morgan will manage the proceedings throughout the weekend.  Friday afternoon she will guide us in a session on uncovering limiting beliefs. This will culminate in a fire ceremony where any beliefs that we wish to let go will be consumed by flames. One session will be dedicated to improving our relationship to prosperity, plenty and manifestation. She brings her skills in creative hypnosis and will initiate active trance exercises to develop a personal and world vision.
The event will prioritise participation, exploration and experimentation. 

Enjoying ourselves is key, so on Friday we will have a break to enjoy Swarthmoor Hall’s delicious afternoon tea (included in the delegate fee).
Wooden LegSaturday night brings us Swarthmoor Hall's delicious evening dinner  (included in the price) plus entertainment from the inspiring Woodenleg Ceilidh Band. We all just have to have fun! 
Sunday will be a day of SHIFT consolidation.
Birkrigg Stone Circle
There will be an early morning walk (or drive) to the Bronze age stone circle on Birkrigg common to celebrate the new dawn and new beginnings.
The Unconvention ends at lunchtime and all attendees will receive a (CPD) certificate for their completion of 20 hours of SHIFTwork.

Event Details

Event Date 4-5-2018
Event End Date 6-5-2018
Capacity Unlimited
Cut off date 3-5-2018
Individual Price £145.00 - £160.000
Swarthmoor Hall
Swarthmoor Hall Ln, Ulverston LA12, UK
Swarthmoor Hall
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
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